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Campus Address:

100 Campus Drive Ste 103
Princeton, NJ 08540

Note the address is NOT Campus Road, which is northeast of Campus Drive.

The above address is also known as

100 University Square Dr #103
Princeton, NJ 08540

Driving Directions:

From Route One (in either direction):

Take the Alexander Road exit, going towards Princeton Junction. Make a right at the sign for University Square Drive. You will loop around on this jughandle, and cross back over Alexander Road. Continue straight ahead. You will see BlackRock on your left. Turn right at the sign pointing to Campus Drive. Suite 103 is the last section of the first building on the right.

From West Windsor and other points nearby to the east:

Take Alexander Road west towards Princeton. Take the last right before reaching Route 1. You will see BlackRock on your left. Turn right at the sign pointing to Campus Drive. Suite 103 is the last section of the first building on the right.

Parking Directions:

The entrance to the campus is from the traffic circle in front of the building. So if you park in the parking lot, you will need to walk around the building to the entrance. Please note that the flow of traffic in the parking lot is one-way. The lane further away from the building is the one you will use when arriving, whereas the lane closer to the building is used by departing traffic. Thank you for helping us keep the area around our campus safe for all our students, staff, and visitors.

Parking Lot Safety:

Drive slowly in the parking lot and pay full attention to the roads.

Always park your vehicle in a marked parking space. Don't just pull over.

Never allow your student to walk in the parking lot unattended.

"AoPS Academy has provided a wonderful opportunity for my children to advance and hone their knowledge and skills in mathematics.  My children have attended for a few years now, and they love it. They always look forward to attending class. I truly admire the hard work and dedication of all of the staff towards making AoPS Academy a center of excellence for math and language arts.  Both of my sons, one in high school and one in middle school, are ahead of their schoolmates in their math classes.  Not only that, they have both developed a love for this subject aided by the exposure they have received at AoPS Academy. They enjoy the interactive method of teaching, and look forward to their classes. The courses offered at AoPS Academy keep them engaged and challenged. The focus on high achieving students, along with their selective admissions standards, helps to maintain high standards. I have many business associates and friends around the United States, and have told them about AoPS Academy. They are so envious that we have such a wonderful opportunity for such rigorous instruction with the Art of Problem Solving world class curriculum. I look forward to the day when there will be an AoPS Academy in every major city in the country."
-Sumali S.
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